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Cardinal Care Plan Details

More Student Benefits

Pharmacy Benefits

Purchase prescription drugs at any participating Health Net pharmacy nationwide.

Prescription drug formulary (PDF)

Dental and Vision Care Options

If you or your covered dependents are under the age of 19, you are automatically enrolled in Health Net's Pediatric Dental and Vision coverage. For more detailed information contact Health Net Dental at 866-249-2382.

Cardinal Care covers your initial visit to a dentist to stabilize an injury to natural and sound teeth, but not other types of dental care.

For information about your available dental and vision options, stop by the Vaden Insurance Office, call 650-723-2135, or email

Worldwide Coverage

When you enroll in Cardinal Care, you receive medical coverage and travel assistance whenever you travel outside of the country for leisure or for school.1 If you have a medical emergency while traveling, you get access to emergency and urgently needed care.

The travel assistance program will be administered by International SOS. This program will provide you access to broad emergency services. Some of these services include:

1 Important: These services must be arranged and approved by ISOS. Call 1-215-942-8226 (collect calls accepted). Claims for services not arranged by ISOS will NOT be accepted or reimbursed. This is only a brief outline of your services.